Configure your Linksys RE6700 extender with this easy guide

linksys extender setup re6700

Every household has a Wi-Fi these days. For seamless internet connectivity, it is important to remove dead spots, or points of no Wi-Fi signal, in your house. To do that, you must get a Linksys RE6700 extender to expand the range of your wireless network. The extender is a smart device that keeps your Wi-Fi range uniform across your house. You can get the extender anywhere at a decent price. You will find it pretty easy to get it up and running.

Prerequisites and installation

To configure your Linksys RE6700 extender, you must have an AC power outlet. You will need a web browser on your device. The house must have a working wireless connection. Once you have got the prerequisites, follow the procedure given below to configure your extender:

  • Connect your device to the existing wireless network at your house. Find the service set identifier or (SSID) and connect to it. Make sure your Wi-Fi range is at least 50% for the extender to work.
  • Access your router via the web browser. Type your router IP address into the address bar and hit “Enter”. Alternatively, you can do so by typing into the address bar as well.
  • Once redirected to the web-based interface, enter your network name and password into the manual configuration window. Click “I Accept” at the webpage showing user license agreement. Hit “Start” to initiate the installation.
  • Tick the box for auto-updates for Wi-Fi extenders to automatically enhance the functionality of your device. In almost all setups, this box is already ticked.
  • Calibrate your device on whether your extender is too close or too far from the router. Use the “Spot Finder” interface to get a “Very good” reading.
  • You can also check the chart for signal strength and adjust your extender accordingly.
  • Once done with that, set up your administrator password after connecting your device to the extender network. You must change the user ID and password by visiting for security purposes.

Take note Always ensure that your router is set to 2.4GHZ frequency for the extender to work properly. Always check the extender signal in every location across your house. If you face any technical issue, contact the registered vendor or the service provider to resolve it.

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