Set up my Linksys RE4100W extender in 3 easy steps

linksys extender re4100 setup

When you have high-speed internet, it must be accessible at every spot in your house. However, chances are that you have several rooms on your property that do not receive any signal at all. These are mainly dead zones that are caused due to obstruction and technical glitches. To address the issue, you install a Linksys RE4100W extender in your home to spread the signal far and wide. You can enjoy uninterrupted wireless network without any hassle.

How to configure it

You can get a Linksys RE4100W extender from a registered electronics store. Once you buy a new extender, keep the warranty card and user manual for future purposes. Now follow the steps below to configure your extender:

  • Keep your service set identifier (SSID) and wireless network password noted. Plug the extender and turn the switch on. Make sure you place the extender in between the zone of no signal and the router at almost half the distance from each other. This will ensure optimum signal.
  • Locate the extender network on your mobile device and visit or the IP address of the device via the address bar of a web browser. You will be taken to the online configuration wizard of the extender. Select your Wi-Fi network on the extender and connect to it using the SSID and password. After that, press the “Start Setup” button on the interface to begin the installation. Click on “I Agree” when prompted to read the User License Agreement.
  • Once you are done, click “Next” to go to the system settings. You can calibrate your extender to the optimum position through the “spot finder” technology in the system. Afterward, you can set the administrator password after connecting your device to the extender network. You can change these settings by accessing the IP address of the extender at any time.

Keep note

Make sure your router is set to 2.4GHz frequency for the best configuration and signal strength. Never meddle with the internal setup of a Linksys RE4100W extender. Always call upon a registered service provider to fix any mechanical issue. If you are using any old device, you must reset its factory settings by pressing the “Reset” button on the extender. You can reset the settings and follow the above steps again to configure your Wi-Fi extender.

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