How to configure your Linksys RE6500 extender

High-speed internet can face some issues over time. Sometimes, the position of the router may affect network speeds too. If there are certain spots in your house that receive no signal from the router whatsoever, you need to install a Linksys RE6500 extender to address the issue. An extender can increase your network signal range greatly in a Wi-Fi dead zone. The device helps maintain network speed at all spots in and around your house.

Installation steps

You can get a Linksys RE6500 extender online or from a registered vendor. Follow the steps below to install the extender in your house.

Step 1: Keep your wireless network name and wireless network password handy. Plug your extender in between the space of a no-signal zone and the router. Make sure your router is set at 2.4GHz frequency and its antennas are vertically aligned to the switch board.

Step 2: Switch on the device and wait for the indicator light to blink. Take your mobile device or laptop and connect to the extender network. Now, open the web browser on your device, enter the IP address of the device in the address bar and hit “Enter”. You will now have the web-based extender setup interface open on the screen.

Step 3: Hit “Start” to launch the installation process. Once the setup is complete, click “I agree” on the user license agreement. Select the network name from the lost of networks. Connect your device to it. Make sure the signal strength is at least 50% while connecting the device.

Step 4: Calibrate the device with the optimum location of high signal using the “Spot Finder” setup in the web-based interface. Set up the administrator password for the extender network. You can reset the device if it is not showing up and follow the above steps. Use this password to connect to the extender network. You can check signal strength on your mobile device.

Settings and tips Note that the settings that you execute above can be changed by visiting You can change your password for protection and also change the network name as you want. You can also reset your device using the “Reset” button on the extender itself. For any other technical issue, you must contact the vendor or the service provider.

7 easy steps to install Linksys RE6500 extender at your home

Wireless networks have their own issues sometimes. Due to certain aspects, your wireless network may not work the finest at all locations in and around your house. The absence of a wireless network in these spots gives rise to Wi-Fi dead zones. One can experience this is a house with multiple rooms. If you are also suffering from the same issues, it is time that you get a Linksys RE6500 extender. The device is meant to spread the wireless network signal equally in and around your house. Capable of addressing dead zones and glitches across every room, the extender is a smart choice for a digitally-abled house.

Plug in and configure

When you get your Linksys RE6500 extender, unwrap the boxing carefully. Follow the step-by-step guide below to get your Wi-Fi extender up and running.

  1. Keep your Wi-Fi password and network name handy. Write it down for installation purposes as it will be useful later.
  2. Place your extender in the middle of your Wi-Fi router and the dead zone and plug it with antennas upwards. Ensure that you have at least a 50% Wi-Fi signal on your wireless device like your laptop or phone.
  3. Open the web browser on your device and access the device IP address to reach a web-based setup page.
  4. Click on the “Start Setup” on the webpage. Check the “Use as wireless range extender” option. Now hit “Next” to begin the installation.
  5. Make sure that the router frequency is set to 2.4GHz. Detect your Wi-Fi on the installation interface and input the details noted earlier. Set the administrator password. Click “Next”. Your extended wireless network has been set up.
  6. If the system prompts you to a “Spot Finder” feature, click “Next” to adjust your device position. You have to align your device to the “Very good” spot as per the adjustment bar shown on the screen. This way you choose the optimal position for your extender.
  7. Type the administrator password and click “Save”. Feel free to adjust the settings of the device via the online interface.

Keep in mind In any wired setting, make sure you install the device using the Ethernet cable of your broadband. That way the installation is faster. Also, make sure your router is working fine just to avoid glitches in the setup.